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Understanding Court and Public Records

To understand court and public records you need to know that they are serviced by both local and federal courts. This information is available to you to research the background of an individual or business. RecordsCourt.org will allow you to  verify your own public information, or any person's  background including arrest, criminal, court and civil filings nationwide. You can also use the search system to research your ancestors or family history as the system will search all public records, including death, divorce, and marriage records for any person.

Clearing Up Arrest Records & Criminal Convictions

We all want to be able to go back in time before we did something that we regretted afterwards for doing. That is especially true when it comes to criminal convictions because they are recorded with the government and anyone can access that information about you very easily. Regardless of how much you may have changed since the crime it's still documented on your personal file. Luckily you can clear some of the less serious criminal convictions and it's a relatively simple process.

What exactly is being done here is that you are asking a judge to give you another chance. If you've proven while in the jail that you have complied with all their rules and regulations and that you had an early release due to good behavior there is no reason why the judge wouldn't grant you a clean record.

Now you have to understand that this doesn't mean that your crime or crimes are being cleared as if it never happened. In the case of getting employment at a retail store or something similar this would apply for that situation. Your record if looked up by these types of employers would look as though you did not commit a crime. On the other hand if any government agency asks questions regarding your previous convictions you will have to let them know about all the ones that were cleared. It's not that easy to try and clear your criminal record to make everything be like it never happened, although this is a good start.

Remember, this is to clear your conviction or convictions of crimes that you have committed, but it's not a time machine to erase everything. You must take responsibility for your actions and to accept the consequences. Although if you feel you have changed for the better, trying to clear your criminal record shows that you are trying to take steps to clean up your life.
What Are The Different Types of Laws
For starters you have to be eligible to apply for clearance of your criminal conviction. You are eligible if you're done with your probation or parole, if you agreed to all the orders decided by court and if there aren't any pending recent charges that have your name on them. In case that you're not on probation then you have to wait one year to pass from the date of your judgment. You must be careful not to break any laws during that period and to avoid getting charges for any other criminal behavior or you will not be able to request the removal of any criminal records on your file.

Some convictions can never be cleared; usually more serious crimes. The state will decide which crimes can be cleared and those which can not. To apply for clearing of your criminal record you will need to fill out a record clearance application. Consulting a lawyer is always a good idea to make sure the conviction gets cleared legally and without delay.
The Facts About Arrest Records, Court Records and Your Privacy:

Court records are generally open to the public unless specifically sealed by a judge. Juvenile records, however, are confidential and are available to the victim of the crime to the same extent as any regular criminal docket.

If you think you may have an incident on file for an offense that should no longer be present on your public record, then the first step in expediting the process is to search the public record or court record for the case name, docket number, court location and date the case was heard and get as much information as you can. One way to do this is by searching under your name and state with our instant search system above.

Once you do this, you can take the necessary steps to get it removed from your public record. This can be done by contacting your local courthouse where the record resides and then starting due process to have it expunged from your file. However, you must have a previous judgment or legal reason stating why the record should be excluded. In most courts throughout the United States the only person who can expunge or seal a record is a judge. It should also be noted the court has the right to deny your request and in certain cases if your court record reflects offenses such as sexual battery, child abuse, arson, and aggravated assault the record remains public unless a judge has granted the files be sealed or expunged from your public record. It is always best to contact and seek the advise of an attorney in any legal process.

RecordsCourt.org can not assist or help you remove a record from your file. Our system only reports on the public data available.

When searching records on RecordsCourt.org you will have access to search all warrants as well as complete background searches
for any person across all 50 states including local county records
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